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What is a Trust Dispute?

Where something is held “on Trust” it simply means one person (a Trustee) holds it for the benefit of another (a Beneficiary). Almost anything can be held on Trust, including land, cash, shares or a person’s possessions. These are referred to as the “Trust assets”.

The law surrounding the administration of Trusts can be very complex. Trustees owe a number of duties regarding how they are to hold and deal with the assets of the Trust. Our Contentious Probate Solicitors are able to advice on a Trust Dispute whilst maintaining objectivity to progress a Trust Dispute or Executor Dispute to resolution. A Trust Dispute refers to a probate dispute regarding the way in which the Trust is administered and will generally fall into one of the categories below:-

  • 1. Disputes between Trustees;
  • 2. Disputes between Beneficiaries;
  • 3. Disputes regarding how the Trust assets should be dealt with;
  • 4. Claims that one or more of the Trustees has breached one or more of the duties owed.
  • 5. Removal of one or more Trustee;