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Contesting a Will, Inheritance Disputes, Trust Disputes and Contentious Probate

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Probate Fee Increase Update

In 2017, the Government introduced plans to significantly increase the fee paid when applying for a Grant of Representation. This is the document ... Read more>>

Increase to Probate Fees Scrapped

Government plans to significantly increase the fee payable on application for a Grant of Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration have been scrapped ... Read more>>

Will challenge based on fraudulent calumny

The Central London County Court, in the case of Marcou v Christodoulides, has recently decided a challenge to a Will based on a claim of fraudulent ... Read more>>

Why Might an Inheritance Dispute Arise?

Complex family relationships, a rise in property prices and the number of DIY Wills are all factors that have contributed towards ... Read more>>

Will Claims on the Increase

New figures released recently demonstrate a trend that our specialist Contentious Probate Solicitors have noticed of late ... Read more>>

When there is a Will there is a (Potentially) Easier Way

The BBC has recently reported that the number of queries relating to Wills and inheritance received by the Citizens Advice has increased ... Read more>>

Lynda Bellingham Inheritance Dispute

Several national newspapers have recently run stories regarding the distribution of the Estate of the late Lynda Bellingham ... Read more>>

Law Commission Will Review

The Law Commission’s review regarding the law relating to Wills is due to be completed and published in Spring 2017 ... Read more>>

Contentious Probate Claims on the Increase

Tim Watson, Solicitor at Brewer Harding & Rowe and a member of our Contentious Probate Team, has recently prepared an article ... Read more>>