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Mediation/Settlement when Contesting a Will or Inheritance Claim

It is generally in the best interest of all parties to resolve Inheritance, Trust and Will disputes without the need for Court proceedings. There are a number of methods to resolve disputes without Court proceedings, generally referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution. This helps to keep costs for all sides down and will reduce the time it takes to resolve the matter, which ultimately allows a greater percentage of the Estate to be distributed amongst the Beneficiaries.

Mediation is often the most appropriate form of ADR but we will discuss all of your options with you at an early stage. Our specialist Contentious Probate Team has an outstanding reputation for resolving disputes either at mediation or by using other means of ADR.

How can Brewer Harding & Rowe Solicitors Help?

If you would like to discuss a potential inheritance or Trust dispute, our specialist solicitors are able to offer expert advice at an early stage to ensure you are given the correct legal advice to allow you to decide the best way forward for you.