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Probate Fee Increase Update


In 2017, the Government introduced plans to significantly increase the fee paid when applying for a Grant of Representation. This is the document that confirms the Executor’s or Administrator’s authority to act on behalf of the Estate. The plans back then were to increase the fee to a maximum of £20,000, depending o the value of the Estate. The plans were scrapped but they have since been reintroduced, albeit slightly re-worked. The new plan is to increase the fee (currently £215 when applying personally or £155 when applying through a solicitor) to up to £6,000, an increase of over 3000%.

Despite it widely being know that the proposed fee increase does not reflect the cost of the service provided and it being widely reported as amounting to nothing more than a stealth tax, it is thought likely the increase will come into effect.

The Law Society are calling on people to write to their local MPs to urge them to vote against the proposed fee increase. Further information can be found on the Law Society website by the following this link

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